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tv   9 News Now Sunday at 630pm  CBS  September 5, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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hello, i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us this afternoon. dirty politics and other tries with just nine days to go before the election for the voters being mislead in some places. armando trull is live at the voting center where some things could be happening. >> reporter: well bruce, voters here in prince county have been issued this voting guide by the democratic party. that shows all the candidates that have been endorsed and it is perfectly legal. however, some voters have also been getting this voting guide. it looked very similar. to the voting guide that the democratic party officially issued. this is called the official democratic ballot. it is anything but the fake. and that's got one candidate calling it foul play. >> crime should not be committed in prince county. >> reporter: angela brooks is also running for the state
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attorney. she said county voters are being mislead by fake voting guides. >> my name appears on this as the person endorsed. >> so is the other one. >> and this is now the fraudulent ballot that has his face on it, but he does not enforce the persons who are inside this ballot. >> the fake guides are being mailed out to voters and handed out at early voting polling places like this library. >> i was there to witness the individual areas, and they were aware because i made many of them aware that this is fraudulent material and they said to me, so what? >> the key now is to track down who did it, make sure they are publicly exposed for trying to put this fraud over on the public. >> reporter: in fact, the candidate has asked both u.s. and maryland state attorneys to investigate. here's what doug dansler had to say. designed to persuade them and to suppress the votes are wrong. we will not tolerate them.
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we'll look at the complaints for these types of the deceptive practices and we'll take the appropriate action. now at this point, no one knows who is behind this official democratic ballot that is a fake, but what is astounding is that anyone who was running for a public office and the public trust would actually deceive the public in their efforts to win. reporting live, armando trull, back to you. >> thank you so much for that report. certainly elsewhere, the two leading candidates, have agreed to sit down with 9news now for the exclusive interviews in their homes. beginning with mayor fenty and his wife, michelle. i talked to the couple this afternoon, discussing other things why the lowest numbers are among the african american women. why the mayor's high marks for the city services have not translated into bigger poll numbers. and the challenger by 17 points for the primary election, now only nine days away. >> i believe that this perception that anybody could just come in and run this city
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effectively and they will be just a little nicer and they had not misit. it could not be further from the truth. >> why do you think that your husband scores that with african american -- scores lower with african american women? >> i think it's because they didn't know him and that they did not give him a chance to get to know him. >> hey guys. >> i think everyone gets my husband now. i think that they know that he focuses on results. when you are moving a thousand miles an hour, there isn't much time for subtle conversations. so he has not reached out. >> at this time we're saying okay, we need to be more inclusive. we need to engage more. we need to make people feel more like a part of this process. just like deliberating the last two times, we just need people to give us this chance. >> not saying that, but you are prepared to lose. you go on with your life. you have a plan, you'll be fine? >> we have a record and we should be reelected.
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ultimately if it is for the voters, then we respect that, but we look forward to serving the city that i was born and raised in for four more years. >> for the first time, michelle fenty addressed rumors about the couple's marriage. that part and more of the interview tonight on 9news now at 11:00. as many at 6700 voters are taking advantage of the labor day weekend for the voting of the nation's capitol. the centers are closed today. tomorrow, they reopen on labor day at 8:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. officials say that waiting times have not exceeded 15 minutes at any location. you can go to our website, maryland residence can also take advantage of the early voting this season. voting centers are closed today, but they will reopen tomorrow through thursday. and the hours are at 10:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening. go to our website again, for a complete breakdown of early voting in maryland.
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another university of maryland student is robbed by the incident in the past two weeks. prince george's county says that the student was robbed by four men as we walked along the road in princeton avenue and college park around 2:00 this morning. one of the suspects tackled the victim while the other grabbed their wallet. talking to them about their recent robbery. >> i'm kind of, you know, over it at this point because i feel like i keep myself safe, and you know, the university has helped us out by getting us closer to those kinds of things. >> if i come visit, then those things might be going on and that's kind of frightening as a young female. >> the police department does their best and then we know that is the best bet. but it is still going to happen. people need to remain individuality and be aware of their surroundings even if they are intoxicated, you need to be aware of something like that
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happening. >> it's the latest robbery that comes at the similar understand sent when three students arrived, they were getting into a car. todays later, three students arrived and one was assaulted at an offcampus bus stop. fixing the leaky pipe almost cost the man his life in maryland. surae chinn tells us that they ended up buried up to their head. a man nearly buried alive for trying to fix a leaky pipe. and his toll workers walked as they used their bare hands and shovels to dig them out. >> i'm seeing my guy scramble. they were trying to get him out. >> reporter: the man had him six to eight feet under as the dirt started caving in around the baltimore man. >> i couldn't breathe. i couldn't move. they could not even move. >> reporter: prince george's county fire and rescue rushed to the 6800 block just before 1:00 this afternoon. and they had to use specialized equipment to shore up the
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unstable earth. >> this one was pretty challenging. we just need to make sure that they do not come in with the rescuers. >> reporter: the dirt was suffocating the man. something they could barely think about. especially because he said the man who could have died today is ronald brooks, his brother- in-law. >> it could have killed him. >> reporter: the workers never reached that leaky pipe. something that is far from his mind tonight. >> i'm sure that they will come here to investigate exactly what happenedded. in capitol heights, maryland, surae chinn, 9news now. and brooks is in shock trauma in critical condition this evening. for the flight attendant who made that national flash when he quit his job on board the plane is due in court next tuesday. he faces two felonies and up to seven years in prison for a dramatic exit from a plane at new york's jfk airport. jet blue reportedly grabbed that and left the aircraft for
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the plane's emergency slide after arguing with the passenger. and he no longer worked. still ahead on 9news now this sunday, honoring mother teresa on the anniversary of her death. and while the u.s. combat operations might be open in iraq, there is no violence here. we'll have the latest details on the violent attack next.
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u.s. forces were involved in a fire fight today. they helped iraqi soldier are ares during that insurgent in the baghdad military base. and they left a dozen people dead. today's attack took place in the same days where the army recruits and soldiers were killed by another suicide bomber next month. just days after the start of the israeli palestinian peace talks, palestinian sources said that they were killed and another critically injured. and an israeli air strike in the gaza strip. earlier palestinian militants fired a rocket from the territory into israel. meanwhile, israeli officials ended on sunday and they will ease the contribution for the settlements that they would quit the pot if israel resumes confessions. to the shrine in northeast washington today, worshipers
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celebrated a special mass to honor mother teresa on the 13th anniversary of her death. and also today, they unvailed a mother teresa stamp. they found the missionaries of the charity in india and she became an international advocate for the poor. they might recall that mother teresa, died back in 1997. still to come on 9news now. a parade that went to the dogs and we'll take you there. >> some labor day weekend, could it get any better than this? temperatures today, 82, the official high at reagan international. beautiful temperatures here this evening. i'll tell you what, finish watching 9news now and enjoy a great dinner on the rest of this labor day weekend forecast, even into labor day when we come back.
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this is the kind of weather that you enjoy all summer long. >> yeah. >> it just doesn't get better
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than this. >> if you open up the windows here tonight, it might actually be cold for some of you by tomorrow morning. and we're talking about the coldest low temperatures set to come in since the last spring coming around. and first and foremost, it is all about labor day. let's go to our forecast here. and it is going to be an excellent day. and temperatures are warming up very quickly. we'll show you where we will bottom up at. that is our official high here in washington. and everything together. temperatures are on the rise through labor day as we go into our next shortened workweek after the holiday. up near 90 on tuesday. 90 on wednesday. and there is a front coming in. the rest this evening, temperatures are falling quickly here through the 70s. we could be in the 60s before the sunset here in about 40 minutes from now. and overnight here tonight, check this out. outer suburbs, west northwest. you could be in the mid to upper 40s for the low temperatures. downtown, it could be mid to upper 50s. that's still a little cool. we should only be around the
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lower to mid-60s for the lows. everyone is going to have a chilly start. temperatures will rise pretty quickly through the 50s when you're in the 40s and the 50s, those that bottom out here in the 50s. then we're into the 70s and the mid-80s by downtown washington. a little bit of the air quality going down tomorrow. it's not terrible. just moderate air quality. lots of sunshine here today. and i did not see any clouds here on the skies of washington and properly southeast of here. and you're still at 80 degrees. but it is a very dry air mass that's in place. talk about the dew points when it is almost 65. and it feels real humid. just a few points like these. the 30s, 40s, and actually, euphoric picture perfect out there. it really doesn't get any better than labor day weekend. there's the chilly start as you go to labor day morning. 7:00, temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. then we kick in here as we go wednesday through tuesday. and it is not terrible out there. but then you look at the front coming in, wednesday, midday. there might be an isolated
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shower. widely isolated in that forecast. you probably won't see anything else. take a look at these low temperatures tonight. gaithersburg, rockville. 40s, out in fairfax county. numerous 40s for the low temperatures. downtown upper 50s. and tomorrow, the temperatures are rising pretty quickly with such dry air in place and you'll be back in the mid-80s. so this is a quick warmup as you go from tuesday to labor day and as far west with the 80s. a little more humid as you head out here. the 70s forecast, you'll see that here. not a bad labor day at all. consider advertising 80 degrees, friday, 84 with the morning start, 40s and 50s. it will be an awesome afternoon. might be the slightest chance of the thunderstorms on wednesday and you won't count on it. maybe next wednesday or the scattered storms on saturday through sunday. a little bright warm up through tuesday and wednesday. but right in the front, in the upper 80s. >> yes, we observe them. we'll take it. thank you so much.
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in poland today, an annual parade honoring the polish area. dozens of dogs came from all other parts of the world to compete for top honors and categories. the parade started back in 1973, but they deemed the event as anticommonnist and banned the event. the polish radio station resumed the event and it has been held there every year since. you know, my dog does not have any political leans. just whoever feeds in and walks in. >> i'm a german shepherd dog. >> yeah, a little dog like that. >> can't deal with that. i just can't. i have a reputation to protect too. >> yes, absolutely. >> redskins have a reputation to protect too. one week from tonight, it all counts. finally, time to get serious. you've got a health update on donovan mcnabb. the coach tells us whether he will be ready for dallas and one of the most productive players in the offseason.
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he's not going far. we'll detail all that next in sports.
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what the redskins could be will be. all that is going to go away. the regular season starts. we'll find out. no better measuring stick than dallas. like it or not, they are a super bowl contender and they will be right here. this should help their cause though. he is confident and donovan mcnabb will be ready to go. surprise, surprise. on his weekly coaches show, he said that they should be ready to practice soon. and he injured his ankle in the raven's preseason game and has not played since. of course, you've got to have your best 53 there against the boys and they are definitely that in his 11-year career with a winning record against dallas as a starter. 11-9. overall, 27 touchdowns verses just 14 picks in the last few years against the current areas for the cowboys,
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only 3-7 for the regular season and of course the eagles, they were swept last year by dallas. they had the most impressive preseason performance for much of the runningbacks. 17 carries, 62 yards against buffalo. they are warming it up to keep them on the active roster. the good news for him, he has been tied to the practice squad. and he is not going far. some of the other names on the practice squad along with the offensive lineman, will robinson and eric cook and safety anderson and the whiteout and the defensive end, robert jackson. those guys make about $5,000 a week by the way. all right, give him credit. they stuck with it despite a miserable year. they couldn't get anybody out in april and they had surgery to remove the bone chips from his elbow. but he is fighting his way back, pitching well for the last couple of times out. you just think of the pirates again, keeping them out there through 91 pitches. striking out two to hold pittsburgh to two earned runs in six innings. adam dunn, -9d 9 problems, but
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that ain't one. a solo shot, number 34 and rbis numbers, 90 and 91. once again, they are helping them out to four rbis in one day, beginning them to 80 and that's it for them. >> i think that any time we have our offense going, that will make it a lot better. they are throwing the ball well and i think that will say a lot. >> reporter: they are just pitching well. another young pitching on this set today for the nats. and you'll see them starting on tuesday. he was pretty good in the last couple of starts in aaa, allowing just one run in the last inning. >> celebrating the anniversary for that time and the games records. and today, good for him, a lot of runs in this one. they are on the microphone up the middle and somebody has to introduce them to the wonders. he just gets in there. and baltimore is over some four tampa bay home runs to win it, 8-7. and some notes here,
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he's the number one seed in the world and he has been called the fittest in the universe. things are going pretty well for them including the service game. he had that one at this year's u.s. open round. and the third round. you've got a cut, i think. that's the service game when you cook that first set. 6-4, 6464 with a couple of breaks onto the forth round. tiger woods, continuing to play the decent areas to get the playoffs here to shorten the birdies here. later on, this is the area where they really struggled, but it looks like he is doing pretty well on the 17th drops of that one there. they are seven under. ten shots behind. you'll need a jason bay who is 17 under. finally coming up tonight, brian mitchell and i look at what the pre-season has told us about the redskins. looking forward to them now with the 53-man roster upset.
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also a big day tomorrow for the college football. maybe maryland. maybe they will win. and virginia tech, they are hosting boise state at the fedex field to break the areas down there. and if i ever make it up there, that is true for you. >> thank you so much. we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye. @owúúttxññ
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